Nov. 24th, 2011

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This is a simple add-on skin that recreates my previous skin for the archive's updated skin system. It was made rather quickly and thus doesn't contain the detailed comments that gave the original its name. It uses the show all of a user's fandoms tweak, inspired by [personal profile] mumblemutter.

On my Mac, it works equally well in Firefox 8 and Safari 5 (and thus likely works on Chrome as well). A few tweaks will get it looking good in Opera 11. If you follow the directions and use the handheld sheet, it's also ready for the mobile version of Safari, and possibly other mobile browsers.

Preview images of the dashboard and work views are under the cut, and you can click them for the full-sized versions.

Code and preview images for Describe 2.0. )

Feel free to modify this skin however you like. If you do something cool with it, even just another color scheme, I'd love to see it. I will endeavor to keep this updated as changes are made to the archive. If you notice something broken, just holler. (The child selectors on h3.heading links are broken, but should work fine once the parser is fixed.)

Updated 28 March 2012: Overrode link hover color in footer, made user name link in header visible, added background color to indexes on edit multiple works page.

Updated 8 February 2016: Updated to make the main navigation more closely resemble the image, and to fix some default colors that were showing through.

Updated 26 March 2016: Updated to restore the link styling in some places.


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