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I've been waiting forever for a fix that would make the navigation box wide enough to allow all list items to align properly (I've got my priorities straight, clearly) and this was the first thing I futzed with when the skins system went live. (Whee skins!)

In case it doesn't look the same to everyone else: for me the "My Dashboard" box was too narrow and items like "My Assignments (2)" or "My Related Works (2)" would break off into two lines, which looked messy to me. The following code fixes this:

#dashboard ul { width: 12.5em; } /* default: 10.5em */
#main.sidebar { margin: 1em auto 1em 14em; } /* default: 12em */

You can fiddle with the values until things look right to you. Assuming you care. :-D

(Psst, mod, I'm not sure how to tag this?)
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This should give something a bit like [personal profile] rb's EasyRead layout for Dreamwidth, with larger fonts, the side navigation turned into top navigation, and the filters removed so that the works listings use the full width of the page.

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I called this Big Greeting Everywhere. [personal profile] cesy has already created a "larger greeting" skin, but for some reason it isn't working for me.

I wanted the username and the links (Post New and Import in particular) to be bigger - the former because that's the only link to the user dashboard on the home page, the latter because I would often miss my target and click elsewhere when trying to click Post New.

#greeting .login { font-size: 2em;}
#login a { font-size: 1.2em;}

You can play with the values until the greeting fits your requirements.
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To use these, just paste the relevant code below into the "Custom CSS" box. I've tested them all in Firefox 3.6, but not in any other browsers - please let me know if they don't work for you.

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